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FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions which might help you when organising your swim. 

What are the dates of my swim window? From and to?

Our swim window vary according to the tides, and we allow an extra 2 days for back up.

How many other swimmers are booked into the same window? And which slot am I?

We only have 3 or 4 per tidal window. Your slot number will be in your booking confirmation. 

Where exactly is the boat moored?

For our Penarth swims the boat will be moored in Penarth marina.

For our Ilfracombe and Glenthorne swims the boat will be moored in swansea marina.

Is there a kettle and toilet on board?

Depending on what boat we use you’re your swim, this might vary due to logistic issues or other commitments.

Our RIB's have a portaloo (no privacy) and we have a camp cooker and kettle on board. But we do recommend that you bring your own hot water in flasks.

Our motor cruiser there is a toilet and cooker on board.

How many members of crew am I permitted to have on the boat? 

As part of your crew, you will need an observer plus someone to help with your feeds and drinks. With ideally no more than 2 extras.

Are any recommendations regarding nearby accommodation?

Being local we don’t use the accommodation, but we have attached a list of hotels of the nearby area.

Do you have any recommendations regarding an official swim observer?

It is your responsibility to find an observer and we wish to remain impartial. We do have a list of potential observers that we can forward on.

Is there anything else I should know?

Our boats are fully coded with the MCA, our skippers are fully commercially endorsed skippers/pilots.

As a company all of our fleet is fully insured, and we hold a liability insurance.

We would advise you to look into cancellation insurance in the event of postponement or cancelation and loss of money with hotels and traveling.