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Made a booking? What is next?

Thanks for booking with us to be part of your special journey. We are looking forward to helping you achieve your goal. 

So you have made your booking now, what's next? 

Well, lets be honest, most of the hard work is down to you, but there are a few things we will need from you and a few things you will need to organise to get your swim ratified, 

Things we will need:

1) Booking forms - we will need a booking form for everyone you intend be on the boat during your swim. Please click below to get the booking form

Booking Form

Things you will need:

1) IF you are ratifying your swim, you will need to contact  either the Bristol Channel Swimming Association or another governing body of your choice. If you decide to use the Bristol Channel Swimming Association their ratification pack is below:  

Ratification Pack Bristol Chanel Swimming Association

2) A Feeder - this is someone who can observe the rules and pass you food when required. 

Once we have the booking forms, we will store them until it is approx a week before your swim. At this point we will be in touch to confirm the finer details, such as meeting point and time and will be available to ask any questions you may have. 

Swim Tracking

If you have avid supporters who want to follow you on your swim journey, we use a programme called Marina Traffic. You will also need the boats name, which we will confirm when we contact you approx 7 days before your swim.

If you have any queries of questions, please get in touch.